Create a world
Free of disease


2021-02-10 Adopted for Global Open Innovation Program (SmartCityX)
2020-12-19 Released SmartDock
2020-10-17 Recruitment guidelines updated (Recruitment)


We make preventive medical care more reasonable and accessible by utilizing IT like SaaS and machine learning. We deploy partner clinics that provide the imaging diagnosis of brain, cardio, etc. in a more people-friendly way, and build wellness data platforms.

  • Build Wellness Data Platform
  • Support medical institutions by technologies
  • Wellness Data Platform
    Support of Medical Institution


Our Mission

We strongly desire everyone to be in a world free of disease, which is the reason we built SmartScan to support medical institutions through AI and SaaS like technologies.


1.Cooperate with stakeholders and preserve stakeholders' confidences
2.Always exceed the customer's expectation
3.Observe the highest ethical standards
4.Spare unparalleled effort at all times
5.All for One, One for All


  • Company Name
    SmartScan, Inc.
  • Founded
  • Headquarters
    26F, JP Tower, 2-7-2, Marunouchi,Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 100-7026, Japan
  • CEO
    Tomoaki Hamano, Kazuhiko Kamiyama
  • Capital
    1.01 Billion JPY (includes capital reserves)
  • Business
    1 Building wellness data platform
    2 Collecting and analysing personal healthcare data
    3 Other business related to the items listed above
  • Tomoaki Hamano

    CEO and Co-Founder

    SmartScan’s Co- founder and CEO, responsible for overall strategy, was previously an executive officer of Rakuten, where he grew the company into Japan’s largest internet service company. At Rakuten, he was responsible for the internet advertisement business and oversaw a number of acquisitions. He was also known within Rakuten as the company’s best “intrepreneur” and aggressively released various internet services and medias. He is also actively involved in collaborative research about healthcare with Omron and release several healthcare apps.

  • Kazuhiko Kamiyama

    CEO and Co-Founder

    Responsible for strategy, operations, marketing and customer support. He was previously the Director of the Corporate Strategy division at Rakuten, where he was responsible for expanding Rakuten’s business overseas, M&A and its inbound business. When Rakuten established the JV company with Baidu in China, he was appointed its Vice President. Kamiyama has deep knowledge in customer businesses, as Kamiyama was engaged in Rakuten’s travel business when he joined Rakuten.

  • Masaki Yoshimura


    Joined SmartScan in Feb 2019. At KPMG Japan, he was mainly involved in the statutory audit in compliance with the US-GAAP and J-GAAP. After transferring to KPMG FAS, he was involved in a lot of M&A advisory services which include not only playing role as a Financial Advisor but also with financial due diligence, valuation, reviewing M&A structures, financial modeling, support of preparing SPA and post merger integrations. He also has expertise in fraud investigation.

  • Takeshi Etani


    Officially joined Smartscan in Feb 2019, but was involved in SmartScan's web service from its foundation. After graduating Waseda University, he joined INCS and was involved in system development and implementation. After joining Rakuten, he was in charge of improving web services for their new businesses and restructuring their engineering team.

  • Hisataro Ikeuchi


    Joined Smartscan in Nov 2019, in pursuit of providing sustainable medical operations and building a wellness data platform. After graduating Tohoku University, he worked in medical institutions as a clinical anesthesiologist. He also has experience in Novartis Pharma as a chief doctor in the Medical Affairs department. There he was involved in clinical research, medical big data and drug discovery strategy by communicating with global members.